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Farmeasy Converter 48-36 VDC to 12 VDC
Farmeasy produce a converter for use on any 48 VDC vehicles which may be used to power 12 volt Roadlighting systems, flashing beacons and work lights or relatively low power accessories with maximum peak loads of 25amps.

The converter operates directly from the vehicles 48 volt system with a power link to turn the converter on and off from the vehicles master control switch. The converter will also turn on and off when the side lights (for parking) or hazard lights are turned on.

The converter draws power uniformly from all the batteries in the vehicles battery pack, this ensures a longer battery system life as drawing power directly from a single 12 volt or two 6 volt batteries in a 48 volt circuit will cause the batteries to deteriorate earlier as they are not and cannot be compensated by the remaining batteries in the 48 volt system.

The converter is assembled into an aluminum sealed box and supplied mounted onto an aluminum heat sink to dissipate the heat generated by the converter. Cable exit and entry is through IP65 rated glands and the system is protected by an external fuse as well as an internal surge fuse.

The kit is supplied with full fitting instructions and fixings.

Electricity is a dangerous source of power and can cause series injuries to individuals even with low power auto motives.
Farmeasy Ltd highly recommend that the installation of the converter and connections to the vehicle lighting and or accessories is installed and commissioned by an authorized and experienced auto electrician.
Incorrectly installed fittings can become a fire hazard or fail during use causing accidents, damage/ loss of vehicles and third party property.

For further technical details please contact Farmeasy Ltd

48 volt to 12 volt
DC Converter Kit
2314 48 volt to 12 volt DC Convertor Kit  2314 48 volt to 12 volt DC Convertor Kit