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John Deere Gator TE Flashing Beacon Kits

The beacon units are high quality Xenon powered with the following features:
  • 8W Xenon tube
  • Amber Lenses, 70CD effective light output
  • Nominal flash cycle of 80 per minute
  • Minimum 3000 hour operating life
  • Low power requirement, approx 1/3rd of an amp
  • Maintenance free with no moving parts
  • Impact-resistant and UV-resistant polycarbonate lens
  • CE Certified to EMC Directives 2009/19/EC and ECE R10.03.
  • Meets the requirements of 89/336/EEC
  • Weatherproof to IP65
  • Dual Voltage 12/24V

*Blue Lenses are available for the Emergency Services only
The kit can be fitted to an ATV in approx 20 minutes and is supplied with a fused battery harness, cable ties, fixings and full instructions.

LED Beacon kits are also available for Gators fitted with cabs. These include front and rear roof mounted LED units. These are mounted on low profile brackets to enable operation under low hanging branches in parks and gardens.

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John Deere
Model (Click pictures for larger image)
Gator less Cab Pole mounted Beacon Kit
90037 Gator less Cab Pole mounted Beacon Kit
Gator LED Front Cab Roof Mounted Beacon Kit
90058 Gator LED Front Cab Roof Mounted Beacon Kit
Gator LED Front & Rear Cab Roof Mounted Twin Beacon Kit
90040 Gator LED Front & Rear Cab Roof Mounted Twin Beacon Kit   90040 Gator LED Front & Rear Cab Roof Mounted Twin Beacon Kit

Flashing Beacons are essential for both the safety of the public and the vehicle operator. When used in public areas high visibility creates an early awareness of a moving vehicle, also visual awareness is paramount for the safety of the operator, for example on narrow twisting country lanes or fast open roads.
The Farmeasy Kits use Xenon Beacons which provide a high output of flashing light for maximum visibility with the minimum power consumption which, is a major consideration on vehicles with limited electrical power output.