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Yamaha ATV Mudflap Kits

Mudflaps are an essential accessory for ATV’s particularly when they are operated in difficult conditions on or off road and when they are towing trailers carrying livestock or clean goods.

The mudflaps are produced from 3mm gauge Polyethylene material chosen for it’s high wear resistance characteristics. This material is specified for it’s rigidity yet is flexible enough to absorb shocks from large stones or rocks without ripping.  The rigidity also means the mudflap holds it’s shape and position and is most unlikely to foul the rear tyres when the ATV is reversed, although extreme care should be taken not to trap the mudflap when reversing up to immovable objects e.g. furrow walls, kerbs etc.

  • The Polyethylene sheet has a polished finish on the inside which minimises soil adhesion
  • The Farmeasy kits are of robust construction from a practical design and are simple and quick to fit.

Kits are available for the following models and are supplied with all fixings and full fitting instructions
Yamaha Road Lighting Kit
Yamaha Mudflap Kits
Yamaha Flashing Beacon Kit
Yamaha Indicator Kits
Yamaha Work Light Kit
Yamaha Rhino Mirror Kits

Model (Click pictures for larger image)

Yamaha Kodiak 700 (2015 model)

Yamaha Grizzly 700 (2015 model)